Celebration Pyrotechnics can design specialist stage effects and conventional pyrotechnics to enhance any outdoor event. Our aptitude for choreographing and precisely firing effects has seen us work closely with performers across the country.

Particularly exciting projects have included working with record breaking human cannonball Dave ‘The Bullet’ Smith on two UK Tours of County Shows. We provided flash, smoke and bang effects on his cannon, large petrol and mine effects in the peak of his flight and crackle jets around his landing net. With only minutes to rig the ring effects and such a potentially dangerous stunt, good preparation and timing was critical.

We also had the pleasure of working closely with renowned Stunt Entertainer Matt Coultar, better known as the Quad-bike jumping Kangaroo Kid. We provided various firework and pyrotechnics effects throughout his nationwide calendar of events including The Royal Cornwall Show, The Royal Show at Stoneleigh, The Royal Welsh Show in Builth Wells and the Devon County Show.

The Aldershot Army Show hired us to provide the pyrotechnic effects as part of their recreation of a themed battle scene. Dressed as insurgents we laid a large petrol effect in the middle of the arena to simulate an improvised explosive device. This sent troops to the ground and initiated an attack on the insurgent compound. The performance featured covering artillery fire, culminating in a simulated air strike of large maroon and smoke hits chasing across the arena before destroying the enemy compound.

The Army run a seamless program, without breaks between arena performances. This meant the set up of all effects had to be fully incorporated into the show and undertaken in costume. Speed and accuracy were at a premium, with all material having to be ready to fire without the chance of testing electrical circuits.

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A brilliant blaze created by Celebration Pyrotechnics as part of our stage effects pyrotechnics services.