Having fireworks in a sensitive area? Operating in increasingly intolerant regions where noise restrictions are becoming more prevalent, we have greatly increased our range of low noise fireworks.

Celebration Pyrotechnics Ltd have been developing specialist low level, reduced noise firework displays and effects for many years since being commission by the Eden Project for the National Lottery’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

Should noise be an issue at your venue then we now stock a fantastic selection of this material, ranging from a variety of non-bursting effects, which produce ground ejection noise only, to super-quiet flames, fountains and twinkling strobes.

Lancework is a unique way to personalise your display and is an ultra-quiet effect. We have created many names, messages and corporate logos as well as Chinese symbols and even wedding proposals in firework writing!

When in the right hands and correctly choreographed a combination of all these effects can produce stunning results.

There’s no such thing as a silent firework display; it’s an increasing misnomer and if anyone suggests otherwise then they are misinformed. Many effects are not loud or designed to make noise but if you can hear it then it’s not silent. Low or lower noise is a more appropriate term and we are pleased to work closely with many venues that have noise restrictions and at which we provide displays and effects to many different requirements.

You can create stunning results in a low noise firework display, we have been delivering firework shows for the Eden Project with no aerial bursts.

Special low noise conic fountains at the Eden Project for the National Lottery.

8 metre high low noise fireworks created by Celebration Pyrotechnics for the Eden Project in Cornwall.

8 metre high low-noise waterfall effect at the Eden Project over their winter season.