Celebration Pyrotechnics can now supply a wide range of DIY fireworks ALL YEAR round.

Roger Bricknell, who previously retailed fireworks through the C. Bricknell & Son family shops, continues to retail fireworks to the public exclusively through us, across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, as well as in the Gloucester, Cheltenham and Bristol areas

If you are looking for specially tailored fireworks for you to fire yourself, Roger can supply a wide range of products from leading brands. Simply contact him to discuss your requirements and he will be able to select the best products to suit your needs. He will be pleased to advise on the best firing order, how to safely set up and waterproof your fireworks for bad weather.

We carry a comprehensive range of everything from fountains and garden products to large single ignition fireworks, with either themed or assorted effects in a variety of durations, as well as traditional rockets.

Delivery/collection: All stock is kept at our secure display storage sites rather than at a firework shop. We offer a delivery by appointment service in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Avon and Gloucestershire and will be pleased to meet you at a convenient location and time.

Delivery/collection: All stock is kept in our display storage sites. We offer a delivery service to your address or can arrange to meet you at a convenient location and time.

Every September, Roger organises a retail demonstration evening to showcase the latest and best products available for public sale. If you would be interested in attending, please contact us for an invitation form and further details.

For all retail & DIY firework enquiries, please contact Roger Bricknell on 01208 78790 / 07767 304298 or email roger@celebrationpyrotechnics.com.