Celebration Pyrotechnics
Celebration Pyrotechnics


Regulatory Body Memberships

Celebration Pyrotechnics are members of the British Pyrotechnists Association, an organisation comprised of the UK’s leading display companies. In addition to this we are also members of the CBI Explosive Industry Group. These two organisations strive to raise and regulate safety standards within the fireworks industry.

You should check the company you are hiring belongs to one of these regulatory bodies by referring to their members listings.

Explosives Transportation

The company directors and full time staff are ADR trained and qualified to be up to date with the latest regulations of carriage and able to legally transport explosives to displays.

A reduction in the threshold limits of UK Domestic Regulations for Class 1 Explosives now means that the majority of loads transported to firework displays will be “subject to regulations”.

Companies without ADR qualified personnel are very likely to be transporting dangerous goods illegally and jeopardising public safety.

Risk Assessments

Celebration Pyrotechnics carry out detailed risk assessments and venue evaluations for each site. We are pleased to offer a FREE site survey at all new venues and will only formally confirm a display booking when satisfied that appropriate safety distances can be achieved. We notify the Police and Fire Brigade of all our displays as well as the Coast Guard and Civil Aviation Authority where applicable.

Should adverse conditions be encountered our expertise, tried and tested equipment and set-up techniques come into their own. With careful planning, incorporating alternative firing sites and reserve content, we can adapt and overcome situations that others can not.

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